Project Description


In an industry where there’s ideas and no budget or striking content with no platform to showcase – TelkomONE is launching a service that will enable creatives and content creators to break out and be known! TelkomONE believes in talent and never seen before content.

We’re looking for original stories, told by real people!! If you think this is you – here’s some tips to get your juices flowing: Pick a theme: Think about it and dig deeper into the details.  Explore your environment and think about something that fascinates you. Theme Research: Explore your theme and dig deeper into it. Once you have all the details, creating a storyboard will help you visualize. Audience: Know the people you’re creating the comedy clips, lifestyle show or Mobivela for. Script: Get writing and have some fun doing that! Quality: If it’s going to be on a video platform, you don’t want your viewers complaining about the quality. Consider this from a sound and video point of view. It’s time to get shooting!!